Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm backkkkkkkkkk!

Well... I'm sitting in my freezing cold ex-house with my computer, waiting to hear from the cable people.

They had to do a "serviceability survey" on our new house before we could get the cable transferred... even though this past weekend, we moved everything. So our ex-house is pretty much empty save the modem and cleaning materials. Since they only have the landline number (YES, we still have a landline, I know...) I have to check the ex-house every day for voicemails. They called twice yesterday around 2:30 but did not leave voicemails. So here I sit. Cold. And finally blogging.

With the help of our families and some of A's groomsmen (friends and cousin) we managed to get 95% of our stuff moved on Saturday. I DROVE THE U-HAUL. It was epic. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures. The day went smoothly and when I got on the scale Sunday morning, I discovered I lost three pounds... which wasn't a big surprise as I earned 20 activity points and we didn't have many opportunities to sit and eat since we were moving ALL THE THINGS.

I gained all that weight back in an hour this morning eating fastnachts people brought in to the teacher's lounge, but... you gotta do what you gotta do.

Anyway, our days have been spent unpacking and cleaning and moving things and without internet and cable at the new place... this means the blog has been sparse. I'm sorry. I was doing so well!

Here is Sunday morning's accomplishment:

I started with this mess around 7:15 AM....

And this is the progress I made by 10 AM! I was very proud of myself.

I am also very proud of this:

This is our junk drawer. For now.

If it actually stays that organized, I will be astounded. Our new house came with a silverware organizer, and what do you know, we already have one. So I used the baskets from our old junk drawer in addition to the new silverware organizer (which is actually pretty flimsy plastic, anyway) and voila! 

In addition to all of the moving insanity, I also managed to order our wedding invitations AND the guys got fitted for their tuxes on Saturday. Needless to say, I'm feeling a lot better this week than I did last week. (Despite the fastnachts.)

Annnnnnnnd on that note... I need to get up and move before my fingers freeze to the keyboard. I promise I'll be back soon! As long as the cable guy calls with good news...

Until then-

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