Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I'm backkkkkkkkkkkk!

Today I took a personal day from work to stay home and wait for our new internet to get installed.

It wasn't a horrible day, but let me say this: I HATE when utility companies give you a four-hour block to sit around and wait for them to show up. My four-hour block was designated from 8 AM to 12 PM. Guess when the internet guys showed up?

That's right. 12:56 PM.

I get so annoyed because I have to sit around and wait at the house. I feel TRAPPED. Sometimes it's not even that I necessarily want to go anywhere, it's that I can't. Today I actually did have other stuff to get done outside of the house, so I was frustrated. Also, frustrated because my normal (part-time) work hours are 7:45 AM-1:15 PM. So I pretty much could have worked almost all of my day and saved the personal day for a beautiful fun day instead.

Instead, I did three loads of laundry and painted the living room. Yes. I painted one coat on the entire living room in the time it took for the internet guys to get everything installed. I also "watched" Tangled and The Emperor's New Groove. Our DVD collection is getting a work-out since we still don't have cable until Saturday.

It's okay, I guess, because now we have internet again! : )

In the meantime, I am sitting here listening to the dishwasher run. A. says it sounds like World War III. : ) It is pretty loud, actually. We are getting used to the walls in the new house, which seem kind of thin. To be fair, I think any house would seem like it had thin walls after living in the very sturdy, built-with-brick-in-the-1800s-probably old place. We officially have everything moved out of the ex-house, and we are going to do one final walk through tomorrow to make sure it's in decent shape before we turn in our keys and garage door openers. CRAZY!!!

Today while I was waiting for the internet crew, I was also poking around in the Bible looking for potential readings for our wedding. I wasn't having much luck. I'm not so much a fan of the "submission" idea, it's just not me, and I feel like it would just make A. laugh. Luckily, one of my best friends J. is doing our reading and is also big fan of poetry, so I asked him if he could find some potential poems to consider for the ceremony. Because he's awesome, he had already been looking at some ever since I asked him in December. Just to make A. nervous though, I told him I found THE BIBLE VERSE and sent it to him while he was at work:

That's Song of Songs, Chapter 7, in case you are curious. When A. came home I started doing a dramatic reading. He laughed. : )

If you are married... what kind of readings did you include in your wedding ceremony? Let me know!

Be back soon for Dinner Time Tuesday : )
Until then,

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  1. Welcome back to the internet! Glad you didn't have to leave your house to get it. :)