Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dinner Time Tuesday (on Thursday... again)


I jinxed myself with the whole "WE HAVE INTERNET!!!" thing, because pretty much an hour after I blogged, the internet disappeared. A. was very keen on blaming the satellite service. I started on this track, and then after a day and a half of misdirected blame, I thought... perhaps it's the router.

So this morning I unplugged everything in the router and modem, and then replugged everything and chose a different port on the router. Seven hours later, it appears the wireless internet is still working, so I'm feeling very technologically successful right now. (I know I'm not, but let me enjoy it while it lasts!)

Before I jinx myself again, I want to post about Dinner Time Tuesday, because this week... it was pretty sweet.

(Thanks Becky for the link up! : )

As I've mentioned before with the dieting... we've been trying to eat a little healthier. This was actually made easier, instead of harder, by the move, for two reasons: 1) we had to restock the fridge, and 2) it's been hard to find ANYTHING. Also, packing, unpacking, moving, and painting take a surprising amount of sweat and energy. I never realized just how big of a work-out painting was. I have muscles hurting that I didn't know existed. In related news, yesterday when I weighed in I was down exactly two pounds from last week! I also broke a "decade" (what my mom and I call sets of 10 pounds). So excited.

Moving on... so I pinned this a while ago on a tip from my MOH, who said it was easy and delicious:

She was correct!

I finally unpacked the gorgeous set of casserole dishes that A.'s grandma got me for Christmas. They are the Confetti set in the temp-tations brand.

It's a set of twelve casserole dishes, all different sizes; as well as a serving platter, six of these cast-iron serving trays, and (I think) four of these tempered-glass trivets. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ALREADY. It's the first time I got to use them since it seemed silly to unpack them all, then repack them, and unpack them again. I didn't want to risk breaking them at all.

So this is all of the ingredients minus the rice and chicken mixed together... it didn't look very appetizing actually...

...But after I added everything and spread it out in the casserole, it looked pretty good. And also, it smelled AMAZING. Out of this giant casserole dish, A. and I each had one serving, and we were both full. I scooped up six remaining servings into Rubbermaid containers for lunches and have been taking one every day this week.

When I make this again I will probably add more salsa and DEFINITELY more salt. A. says he wants to add more cheese, as well. But this is definitely a repeat recipe. Yum!

And now... off to do some Target shopping. Not enough time tonight to go wandering around Target as per my usual, but I think we are going out to dinner for Valentine's Day finally, so that's okay with me. : )


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