Thursday, January 10, 2013

You better bring it!

Hi there : )

Oh, Bring it On. I find it hysterical that this movie is on AMC. They just censored one of the lines so that they could say "I don't give a spit." Cheerocracy. Cheertator. Cheer sex. Spirit fingers. I vividly remember seeing this at the drive in with my friends in junior high. : ) And my massive crush on Jesse Bradford began. Oooooooooh yeah, baby. I'd have an extended tooth-brushing sequence next to him any day.

Last night's dance lesson ended up being quite... extensive. It started at seven and we didn't leave until 9:45. A. was less than psyched. Both of us were in a lot of pain today - his back, my shoulders. The entire lesson I kept thinking about Dirty Dancing.

The part about cha cha and frames and spaghetti arms, not so much the part where Patrick Swayze buries his face in Jennifer Grey's chest. LOL.

Anyway, it was fun, it just should have ended around 8:30, which is about when we both ran out of energy and brain power. I don't remember a whole lot of what I learned after that, actually. We're gonna dance real good at the weddin' ; )

Finished cleaning the whole house top to bottom for the showing tomorrow (and my own sanity). Floors are all clean. I feel like telling the people who are coming that if they want to live here, they better be prepared to dust. I am SO EXCITED to have fewer floors to clean. This house is great but it's ginormous and way too big for two people. Thankfully, A. pitched in and cleaned his "man cave" and bathroom, as well as took care of the dishes and the living room rug.

Meanwhile, my plan is to shower, put on my jammies, and watch my Smash DVDs for the rest of the evening. Phew!!!

Have a good one, all, and thanks for reading : )

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