Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome, 2013!

Hello, world!

2013 is promising some big things in my life. Namely: getting married (!), buying a house, a graduation, and hopefully getting a full-time job again! So, I figured... what better time to kick-start a blog to keep track of everything?! Right?! Right. Okay, not everyone's gut reaction is to add one more thing when they already have a million other things going on. But people who already know me know that I'm pretty crazy.

Since we're turning over to 2013, I'm also using today to kick off my bridal diet regimen... dun dun dunnnnn. My goal: lose 20 pounds in the next six months. Since I once lost 20 pounds in three months, I think this is not such an insane goal. I am committing to it, right here and right now. I am finding weight-loss buddies to help keep me on track. I'MA DO THIS, OKAY!

But not before I do this:

Oh yeah. That just happened. And it was delicious. (But it didn't last nearly long enough. : (

Last night I started a before-bed mini-workout, and I'm going to continue tonight. Last night was 50 reps on the "Leg Magic." Tonight will be 50 crunches. Eventually I will up the ante with these numbers, I swear. 

Oh, the plans I have for this blog... hopefully I will follow through with them. : )

Take care of each other!

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