Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things that make me happy, take 1

Good afternoon everyone : )

I have been super stressed out lately, between the house and the wedding and all the in betweens, so I thought I'd take a second today to think about the little things that make me happy. "Count your blessings instead of sheep," yeah? So here's "Things that make me happy Tuesday." : )

* The new shoes I bought at Target on Saturday. First of all, they were $7.50. Secondly, I wore them all day at school for the first time today, and my feet were so comfy! I hate when you buy a new pair of shoes and then they murder your feet. Thirdly, they are so very cute.

* Back rubs from A.  They always relax me and feel oh so very good.

"Call Me Maybe." I know it was just a tad bit overplayed but this song makes me want to sing and dance like a crazy person. It's so. Darn. Catchy.

* Kindergarten hugs. No matter how crazy the day is, when I see my kindergarten group at the end of the day, they all want to hug me and tell me stories. I love it.

* When my mom sends me cell phone pictures of the dog. She (the dog) can be crazy but she is SO CUTE. In this picture mom put a santa hat with Goofy ears on her. Love it.

Why do you do these things to me?

* Playing the piano for fun. Lately I've been going over to my piano and pulling out my old classical lesson books, opening to a random song, and playing through a few songs. It's really relaxing and fun, and there's no pressure. I like finding songs that, after I start playing them, I recognize them as ones I enjoyed playing in grade school. : )

* Smash. A. and I watched the first-hour preview of the second season premier "On Demand" last night. It was SO GOOD. I'm so excited for this season.

* The fact that it was warm enough today that I didn't need my scarf and coat coming out of school. This is crazy given the fact that yesterday was a snow day, and Friday it's supposed to snow again. I'm just really not a fan of being cold. I like the sunshine and longer days that come with spring and summer.

* Fondue. A. and I love fondue. We found a website (here) that has Melting Pot fondue recipes on it, and we usually go to town and do both cheese and chocolate courses. I LOVE dipping apples into the cheese. It's so yummy. We haven't done cheese for a while - probably won't again until after we move - but we're setting up a chocolate pot for the Super Bowl party on Sunday. I am so excited!


* Good hair days. When your hair does what you want it to do... it just feels like success!

Have a good day : ) Peace out!

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