Monday, January 21, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things

Good morning!

After a day off from blogging it's going to be a DOUBLE BLOG DAY... dun dun dun! I'm joining the Harry Potter Fix link-up suggested to me by my friend Becky D. Actually, that post might happen today, or it might not. I have a crazy afternoon scheduled. So we shall see!

This morning (no school because of MLK day) I woke up after yet another wedding nightmare. In this one, the wedding was taking place in my junior high school auditorium; it was raining, the day of the wedding, and we had all overslept and missed our hair appointments; and my aunt was in my wedding dress. I DON'T KNOW. My psyche needs to accept the fact that I still have over five months to get everything done, and I'm not going to suddenly wake up the day of the wedding and be like, "Oh crap! Where did all the time go? I don't have any overlays for the reception tables!" Or something like that. People who have gotten married before me have assured me that these nightmares are common and will probably not stop until next year, even after the wedding is over. Sigh.

On Saturday, I went out with my friends to celebrate Kelley's birthday! (Happy birthday, Kelley!) It was fun to get out and socialize and eat good food. The problem was, I wound up eating more food than I counted on. It's a lot easier to say "I'm not going to eat any cake" than to turn it down when it's staring you in the face. So I wound up killing all of my weekly extra points on Saturday. My weigh-ins are on Wednesdays, so that means I have to make it to Wednesday staying "on point" (HA! pun) with no extra allotments. To help with this, I hung out on the Wii Fit for a little over half an hour this morning and got some activity points. Hopefully I will not need to spend them but... I WILL LOSE AGAIN THIS WEEK!

In the meantime, I decided to post about a few of my favorite diet-y things. Not all of them, obviously. But if you are also embarking on a weight-loss journey, maybe these will help supplement what is not always the most exciting regimen of foods. : )

This is how I start my day EVERY DAY, with skim milk on top. 
I love this kind of Special K. I used to rotate with the Vanilla Almond kind, but now... just this. It's so yummy.
If you measure out the serving size it's 3 points+ for just the cereal; if you're like me and you look at the serving size and laugh, and then add another half serving, it ends up at 4 points+.

They are so delicious. I've tried the other two flavors of bars and these are THE BEST.
It says right on the box, they are 3 points+, and WW brand, obviously.
I don't know what else to say. Even if you're not dieting you should try these. Because they are AMAZING. If they ever stop producing them, I will probably cry.

I'm not sure why I can't rotate this picture... but okay.
Until about September of last year, I was a devoted fan of milk chocolate.
Then one day I started craving dark chocolate, which was strange.
But I picked up a bag of these Kisses and never went back.
They are so good. If you have 9 kisses, it's 6 points+. However, I hardly ever eat 9 kisses in one sitting. Usually 3 or 4 is enough, and that takes me to 2 or 3 points+ depending on how many I eat.

Other foods/drinks that get me through dieting:
Baby carrots and bell peppers - put a baggie of each in my lunch every day
Diet Coke
Crystal Light - lemonade, peach tea
Fiber One bars and brownies (just be careful with these, because they're serious about the "fiber" part)
Special K fruit crisps (A. likes these too)
Campbell's microwavable soup bowls
Progresso Vegetable Classics soup
Eggo Low-Fat Whole-Wheat waffles (with Log Cabin lite syrup)

Tonight I'm going to try this broccoli-cauliflower and cheese soup recipe from "Living a Changed Life." She has all kinds of great low-fat and WW recipes. Definitely check them out. : )

This morning's goal is to clean and pack a little more, then kick back and watch either Hunger Games or HP:DH Part 2 until my crazy afternoon schedule starts. 
Have a great day everyone!

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