Friday, January 4, 2013


Oh hey,

It's Friday, Friday... (yes, I'm jamming to good old Rebecca Black in my head, don't judge me.) I only had a two-day workweek this week and I am totally exhausted. Not gonna lie, I was expecting to feel more energized with the start of the diet, because I'm eating healthier and drinking more water, but I am also recovering from a cold. Unfortunately it seems I passed the cold to A. and he woke me up three times last night between coughing and cold-snoring. I didn't tell him that because he would just feel bad about it, and it's not something he can help, but there it is. Tired.

I am in the mood for a Target roam, so I think I'm heading there tomorrow morning and wandering around for a while. (Maybe if I wander long enough it will count as "exercise"?...) I know. My weekend plans are extremely exciting. But between the cleaning I need to get done and the lack of money in my pocket right now... I literally can't afford to go very far out of the box right now. LOL. I turned in my time sheet today and my next paycheck will be for a whopping 11.5 hours due to the holiday vacation. I loved my vacation, every second. I will not be loving my bank account in a few weeks.

Speaking of which, we are waiting to hear back from the appraiser on our house. I think as soon as they do that we really get the ball rolling with the money and paperwork. AHHHHH. I am enjoying these weeks of calm while I can, although I am also excited about the new house.

I think I have been driving my Pinterest people nuts with everything I have been pinning for the house lately, but things like paint colors are much more exciting to me now. This is life. At Christmas I unwrapped a tablecloth that my grandma bought for us off our registry and I was legitimately excited about it. My 17-year-old cousin (whom I love) looked at me like I had three heads and each was sprouting horns. Most of my Christmas presents this year consisted of things for the kitchen, the bathroom, my music room, and the wedding. 17-year-old me would probably be confused, too.

(Kind of like how excited I was when I saw my brother got my mom a new oven mitt.
Obviously, she really needed one.)

It is about to turn 9:00 so I don't feel bad about going up to bed now, since I am so tired. (9:00 on a Friday night... sorry, 17-year-old me. Go do something fun for me.)

Adios amigos...

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