Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sitting, waiting, wishing


Some exciting news today! And some boring things. But mostly exciting!

Exciting: I just wrote what I hope is my last rent check for this house! YAY!

Boring: I know everyone keeps saying that when you're settling on a house, no news is good news, but I feel like we are just sitting around waiting to hear something from someone about the house. We have eight days until settlement. EIGHT. I'm freaking out a little.

Exciting: I had "weigh-in Wednesday" this morning and since last week... I lost 1.8 pounds! Going down, down, down! : ) This means I have lost about 5 pounds since the New Year.

The way I have been packing my lunch and planning my snacks has really contributed to my weight loss, I think. Here's a typical lunch for me. (Today I took leftover broccoli-cauliflower soup, which I posted the link to the other day - promise a review is coming soon!) The Fiber One bar and clementine are usually my mid-morning snack. Then for lunch I have the soup, peppers, carrots, apple (or a pear), and a bottle of water. I try to cram in as many fruits and veggies at lunch as possible so that I can try to get my 5 servings in for the day!

Also exciting: My dress pants for school are feeling so much looser! Even my jeans are starting to feel looser, but I trust my dress pants more because they don't stretch as much.

WAY exciting: I'm going to see some of my girls/bridesmaids this weekend! I'm so exciting. I dubbed it "wedding free weekend." I don't want to talk about it at ALL. It's fun to talk about it with people who are involved, and other people who are also planning weddings, but it also stresses me out and I just need a break from thinking about it for a while.

Also exciting: I finally finished this picture of Fred and Ginger that has been sitting on my art desk since at least October. Phew! Hoping I can unload it on someone because I don't see it decorating my house, and I hate to just let stuff I've drawn sit around. If I can get $20 for it I'll be happy.

And last but not least, I finally started reading "The Casual Vacancy" by JK Rowling (thank you, Christmas gift cards for my Kindle!). It is SO DIFFERENT from Harry Potter, which I expected... the writing is still excellent, of course. The story is still captivating. It is just definitely more adult content. ....Annnnnd now I'm going to get back to reading it, because I'm the kind of nerd that would gladly miss any kind of obligation to be able to read.  : ) Anyone out there reading something good right now?

Have a great day everyone!

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