Monday, January 28, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix - Fashion 2.0

It's time for the latest Harry Potter Fix! HP Fashion continues.

UM, by the way, speaking of J.K. Rowling... I finished "The Casual Vacancy" last night. That book is NUTS. I cannot get over the ending. I am still kind of shocked.

Anyway... here goes! My inspiration this week was Fleur & Bill's wedding... I guess I have weddings on the brain. 

"Like her father, Luna was wearing bright yellow robes, which she had accessorized with a large sunflower in her hair. Once you got over the brightness of it all, the general effect was quite pleasant. At least there were no radishes dangling from her ears."

(I couldn't pick one Luna design... the shoes made it into both, though.)

"'Always the tone of surprise,' said Hermione, though she smiled. She was wearing a floaty, lilac-colored dress with matching high heels; her hair was sleek and shiny."

"Fleur was wearing a very simple white dress and seemed to be emitting a strong, silvery glow. While her radiance usually dimmed everyone else by comparison, today it beautified everybody it fell upon."

Enjoy! : )


  1. gorgeous! ugh I wish I was at that wedding :( lol I especially love Hermione's set. I don't know why, because she looks very pretty not dressed up at all- but when she is all done up in the movies, it is a breath taking moment. they do an amazing job.

    Thank you for linking up!


  2. I'm loving "Fleur the Bride." Those shoes are gorgeous! You were very creative. :)

  3. UH loveee all of these!! So perfect!!

  4. Love all of these! Especially Luna's outfits - I loved when she said you wear sun colors to weddings for good luck :)