Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy ice day!

Oh hey!

Nothing like capping off a crazy weekend with an "ice day" from school. We started off with a two hour delay and then, as I listened to the radio in my bathroom while I was getting ready, all of the schools around us announced their closings. Not to be outdone, we hopped on the bandwagon. So now we'll have an extra day tacked on to the end of the school year, because Hurricane (or Superstorm) Sandy used up all of our snow days. YAY.

Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotions... It started out good, since I was still with some of my BFFs, B. and C. Then I drove home and was immediately wracked with anxiety as I had some phone calls to make (the kind you dread, not even routine calls). I really hate confrontation so I kept putting off the calls and the more I put them off, the more anxious I got about them. So when my mom called with questions about the florist and my dad texted with questions about the house right in the middle of my anxiety I was unfortunately very cranky with both of them.

Sometimes, being a grown up with responsibilities really blows.

After I mustered up my Cowardly Lion-brand of courage and made my calls, I immediately felt better, but also guilty for projecting my anxiety onto my parents, so I called them and apologized for being so mean. I also had to apologize to A. because he was like "WELCOME HOME I MISSED YOU!" and I was like "RAWRRRRRRR."

After all that, we went to see A's sister & brother-in-law and our nephews. Little nephews make everything better.

Uncle A. playing with the boys in the castle we got them for Christmas : )

Okay. Now I have to back up and talk about my weekend!

On Saturday I finally went to see B. and C. The roads were just too bad on Friday night. We had a really good day and it was so nice to see them and catch up with them! (I basically blew my diet to shreds on Saturday, but I got back on track yesterday, so even though I am way over my extra points allotment for the week I am hoping I can get it under control by Weigh-in Wednesday.) Anyway, one of the things we did was go to Roey's Paint Box in Bethlehem, PA. (I want to go back to Bethlehem and walk around again when it's not 17* outside. It looks like so much fun!) We paid $40 each and brought our own wine, and Roey walked us through making a picture of what I *think* is supposed to be a magnolia on a black background. 

This is what it looked like toward the beginning...

And this is my finished project!

I really like to draw but I've never painted before, so this was a blast. Actually, it was clear that a lot of the people who were there don't consider themselves to be artistic, but everyone was having a lot of fun. Roey was very patient and did not expect everyone's paintings to look the same, she encouraged us to "make them our own." I definitely recommend checking it out if you're in the area... or if you have any kind of painting party place like this near you, give it a shot. Now I have this painting to hang somewhere in the new house. Sweet! Anyway, big thanks to C. for hosting us this weekend and finding some awesome things for us to do. 

I really need to research some fun things to do in this area, especially now that I know I'm sticking around here for a while. : )

And with that marathon post... I'm gonna go pack some stuff. I really don't have an excuse to not exercise today, so I should probably do that too. Also will do this week's Harry Potter Fix later today : )

Have "an-ice day!" (couldn't help it!)

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  1. Hahaha "Have an-ice Day". Too funny. :)

    I'm having one as my school cancelled, too. Luckily, we still have more snow days built in.