Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good morning, good morning

Well, hey there!

I'm having a "big girl" weekend. As in, being a grown up. It's weird. Remember when weekends were times for sleepovers, parties, movie dates, and working on group projects for school? (I miss everything except the group projects. Unless the group projects were with Sarah. Then we always had a good time.) Anyway, it's official, the "For Rent" sign is up in our front yard!... which means this deal with the new house better go through or we're gonna be up crap creek without a paddle.

As promised, I went on my Target roam yesterday. (I did drive past the new house on the way there... there are tire tracks on the snow in the driveway so I'm hoping that means that a) the contractors have been fixing the things we wanted fixed, and b) the appraiser was there. Hopefully.) First I had to run errands at the post office, the UPS store, the grocery store, and the gas station. (See, big girl stuff. Ugh.) Then I stopped at K-Mart because I wanted to look at their hampers and shower curtains. (More big girl stuff, but slightly more fun.) While I was waiting in the check out line, I noticed this gum in the queue where they try to make you impulsively buy more things last-minute:

Apple Pie? Hmmm....

So I pointed to it and said to the lady waiting behind me: "That's interesting. Apple pie gum." The cashier, who was waiting like the rest of us for the woman in front of me to figure out how she was paying for everything, said "Actually, it's pretty good." So, I did what the gods of commercialism planned, and impulsively bought the gum. It's good and it does taste like apple pie. However, it also loses its flavor completely after about five minutes. Which is great, I guess, if you just have a craving for something sweet but you don't actually want to consume calories. 

ANYWAY. Sorry, enough about the gum.

Once I finally hit Target for my wandering session, I found some pretty awesome stuff. The most important thing being a 4.5' pre-lit Christmas tree that was 90% off. Which means I got it for $8!!! I was so proud of that bargain that I texted my mom. Next year I want my own tree for my army of Barbie holiday ornaments, so this is perfect. (Also perfect because I hate, hate, hate putting the lights on the tree. Least favorite part of holiday decorating.)

Hooray! We get our own tree!

I also bought an organizer for all of my crafty stuff and started packing that all away, and then I spent the rest of the day organizing and packing things. (Things that I know I won't be using in the next month or so, although hopefully a month from now we will be moving some things into the new place. Which is surreal.)

A. is still sick so sleeping last night was still an adventure. Finally at 7 I threw in the towel and just got out of bed. We're trying out a new church this morning... so I'm hoping it goes well. It's the same church where A.'s cousins go, which I think has him feeling a little more comfortable because he'll at least know some people there. I'm a little more leery because I have no idea what denomination it is, and I'm a confirmed Methodist, which obviously means I like methods and routines. We shall see.

Until tomorrow---

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