Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Go team!

Okay, world.

Weigh-in is tomorrow morning. I'm nervous. I'm kind of hoping that I'll have lost at least one pound this week. I've been making such an effort and I'm worried that if nothing happened, I will lose my motivation. Between this blog and facebook messaging with my friend Amy, I've been doing good with motivation so far because I feel accountable to someone. That's why Weight Watchers worked so well for me the first time- because I was going to meetings regularly with my BFF, so 1) I had to go because she was going, and 2) I had to go because the meeting leader expected me to be there and to succeed. Don't worry, I'll be sure to write about how it goes, good or bad... but hopefully good.

Tonight I had this for dinner:

I realize this picture might not look way appetizing (please realize that there is a very 70s-inspired brown and yellow flower pattern underneath, but hey, when I moved out on my own, my grandma gave me these dishes for free... so I'm not complaining!) but the meal is pretty tasty! It's Baked Salsa Chicken, from Living a Changed Life. Only 6 pts+, and with a quarter cup of white rice that adds another point. When I make it again I think I will use mild salsa - all we had was medium when I was cooking - but the chicken is so awesomely juicy, not dry at all : ) Yum!

The last couple days I've tried to switch to four small meals a day, instead of trying to save up my points for a big dinner and then failing miserably all afternoon and the remainder of the evening. I've been a lot more successful with this tactic. Will try to keep it up... lately I have been craving breakfast foods so bad. I'm trying not to cave. But I really want a big pile of french toast, or pancakes, or waffles, or a bagel - basically I want CARBS, and LOTS OF THEM!!!

However, I have to save my extra points this week because next Monday, A. and I are going to a cake tasting for our wedding, and then meeting at our reception venue to choose our menu. So excited!!! More and more things for the wedding are coming together. Interestingly, I also seem to be adding more to my "to-do" list even though I feel like the big stuff is getting done. I really need a weekend with my college girls (my "Maple West" girls) that is wedding-free, though. I feel like it's all anyone wants to ask me about right now, and it is exciting and fun to talk about, but it's also a little overwhelming and stressful. I need a break. (Side note: this is also one of the pieces of advice my wonderful cousin Ashley gave me after A. and I got engaged. She got married- to an awesome guy, btw- just a couple weeks before A. popped the question, so she has been such a valuable resource for advice and sanity. Love her.)

I know one of my last posts was a giant whine-fest about how tired I felt. Today I pretty much felt the same way all day. Then, I found myself bored of sitting in front of the TV after my last student left this evening. So I finally tried my new Zumba game for Wii- and I loved it! I played for around half an hour, and then took a shower and ate dinner. I feel so much better now, which is amazing to me because I really hate exercising. I do love Zumba, and going for really long walks when it's nice out. But, I hate the part of exercising where you get sweaty. Also the part where it hurts. If I could just avoid those two things, but still see results, that would be ideal. : )

If you read all of that - especially all of my diet rambling - thanks for taking the time out to read my Great American Novel. ; )
Tomorrow's gonna be a good day!!!

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  1. Those are the things that I hate about exercising, too! But I do love Zumba! :)