Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting into full swing

Hey world out there!

Today I have officially washed my hands more times than I can count on my fingers. Between one of my little ones telling me his brother is home with pinkeye, and one of my older ones telling me in detail how yesterday she was absent because she was puking all day... let's just say I'm not taking any chances! I woke up with a horrific migraine behind my left eye, which went away for a while after I took medicine, but is starting to creep back, this time a little lower in my face. It better not be a sinus infection, as those have been sprouting up lately among both family and people I work with.

We also had a two hour delay this morning - the phone rang at 5:45 and I was AWAKE. Any other day, if my alarm would have just gone off, I wouldn't have a problem falling back asleep. This morning? Nope. So I got up and was productive... packed some things, checked some things off my list, and called Disney to make our dining reservations for our honeymoon! YAY! The guy I talked to, Sawyer, was awesome. I'm glad I called this morning because I was able to book every restaurant we wanted to visit at the times we had tentatively planned. Sawyer even found me some neat upgrades I hadn't considered, and he ended up booking our reservations under "Prince A. and Princess K.'s Magical Honeymoon." Which I both loved and made me want to laugh hysterically at the same time.

I took this the last time I was at Disney. YAY!!!

Tonight is dance lesson #2, and I have significantly less energy today than I did last week when we went. Our plan going in is to tell the instructor that we have to leave by 8:30, so it doesn't wind up being an all-night event like it was last week. I have the video camera charging and we have a list of potential first dance songs for him to give a listen to. (I posted a fake list of songs on Facebook, including "The Hairbrush Song" from Veggie Tales, which apparently some people thought was a serious list. Oops!)

Also, I weighed in this morning - and by some miracle, after my cookie binge yesterday, I was still down 0.2 this week! That's not the ideal amount I want to lose in a week, clearly, but I wasn't expecting much after the cake tasting and the cookies and all of that. Next week should be better. : )

Now, back to packing... I have a pretty good start with it, but if we are supposed to start moving out in two weeks, we need to kinda get cracking, here.

Thanks for reading! : ) Stay healthy out there!

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  1. Prince A & Princess K's Magical Honeymoon...I love it! :)