Monday, January 7, 2013

Brain = exploding.

Oh hey, world.

I would swear that it is a full moon right now. But when I just checked the calendar, I found out it's basically the opposite of a full moon. Why am I astonished by this? Because all of my children today - well, maybe 95% of them - were totally off the wall.... so much energy!!! Yikes. I feel completely exhausted right now. Like my brain is on the verge of just exploding.

On top of this, I'm still making a valiant effort for my diet. I have done the Wii two nights in a row now. (Though tonight is looking questionable...) AND A. JUST SAID "HERE, I MADE MOZZARELLA STICKS. HAVE SOME."

Now, he did not yell at as the caps might suggest. It just felt like that to my brain and stomach. As I looked at my tilapia and green beans (which were delicious, by the way).

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! It will be worth it when I am looking totally awesome in my wedding dress and in all of the wedding pictures. (And then, the next week when we go on our honeymoon, all bets are off. I will be eating my way through Disney.)

Two nights ago I also made these delicious low-point muffins from Nomadic Nom Nom. They are not one point like the link suggests (although they might be if you did make them as mini-muffins), but they are still pretty good:

However, I also wound up with almost two dozen muffins. They are delicious, but eating all of them sort of defeats the purpose of them being low in points. So I took them to school today and put a label on them that said "Guilt-free chocolate muffins! Enjoy! - K." One of my co-workers (also one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met) was eating one and said how they weren't very sweet and would probably be better with icing... to which I replied, "Yes, but then they also wouldn't be guilt-free." : )

Anyway, that's it for me today, time to zone out for a little bit. Here's to hoping everyone is a little bit more calm for Tuesday!

Take it easy,

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