Friday, January 25, 2013

Approved! Approved!



The loan is approved! I'm so excited. I was so sick with anxiety about it since A. came home from work yesterday after talking to the bank. I feel immensely relieved, now. Now I just have to worry about our final walk-through and settlement next week. People who have been through this process: Please, please tell me that I don't need to worry about this much? We were just at the house yesterday and they have fixed everything we put in the contract, just have to put a few finishing touches on the place.

I am also very relieved because I have been packing stuff for the last few weeks, a few boxes at a time, and it hasn't been for nothing. I don't have to unpack it in this house. Phew.

Sad, though, my bookshelf is so empty:

Of course, the Harry Potter books are the only things left on there. (And the Bible.) (And the chocolate frog that Kelley got me at Universal Studios : ) They go in their own box because they're way too heavy to put in a box with other things - I know from past moving experience! : ) The Page-to-Screen book doesn't even go in a box, because it weighs about 20 pounds on its own.

I've got to figure out what to do with all of my books in the new place, because it doesn't have the nifty built-ins that are in this house. I was thinking something like this:

...which I saw on Pinterest, because we have a split-level entry in our new place that has a half wall at the top, like this one. But I'm not sure. I'M REALLY BAD AT MAKING DECISIONS OKAY?! Also I don't know a thing about carpentry, which doesn't help.

Today we had an early dismissal at school because of "Winter Storm Khan." (Whoever started naming these winter storms a) picked very strange names and b) isn't busy enough, apparently.) The kids were excited; I, less so, because not only do I get two hours of cafeteria duty on early dismissal days, but also because I had plans to visit my college roomies/bridesmaids this weekend. I am still planning on driving up early tomorrow morning, but I would have preferred driving tonight so we could have all day together tomorrow.

Stupid snow.

If you're in the wake of Khan, and you have to travel tonight, please be careful!


  1. Congrats on your loan approval! I'm glad that's one more worry off your shoulders! :)