Thursday, January 24, 2013

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

Oh, hey.

Today has been one of THOSE days.

With kids being wacky all day long, and no breaks- except the big break that happened when I dropped an egg on the floor while making meatballs for dinner. UGH. 

A. came home from work sick yesterday, with stomach issues and a fever, so we skipped dance lessons last night. Luckily he's feeling better today, but he has been sleeping for the last hour or so.

Also, it's FREEZING outside! (Literally!) Between the cold, dry weather and sanitizing/washing my hands six thousand times a day because of all the germs going around, my hands are completely dried out, cracked and red. I lathered them with Burt's Bees wax when I got out of the shower. It's sticky and smells funny, but it usually works. 

A. and I went to the house with the Realtor today so we could measure some things and take pictures, and consider some paint colors. I hope, hope, hope, hope, hope that everything goes well with the house. We are supposed to close a week from today. I am extremely anxious about it. Especially because our credit union dropped the ball on our loan- our original loan officer is "no longer employed there." No wonder we couldn't get a hold of him the last week or so. Luckily, our Realtor is super awesome and also pushy in a good way- not towards us, but to get everything done- and hopefully got the ball rolling again, in the nick of time. I just want it to work out. In the past few years, a few things have worked out in my favor - like finding the love of my life, which is a pretty big wonderful thing - but a lot of major things have not. 

I try to tell myself that there is a reason for everything, and keep my faith, and that a lot of people have much more difficult situations than me.

Some days it's just a little easier to do that than others.

Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer today... thanks for sticking with me anyhow. : )

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