Thursday, January 3, 2013

A cockeyed optimist


I'm watching the Carnegie Hall performance of "South Pacific" with Reba McIntyre and Brian Stokes Mitchell (and Alec Baldwin). It's pretty awesome. I'm a nerd because I get this stuff on Netflix. (My goal, by the way, is to be done with Netflix by the time we move. I'm down to about 14 movies on my queue. I think I can do this!) I'm usually not a big South Pacific fan, but I really enjoy BSM and Reba is doing a good job with the part. I think my biggest peeve with this musical is Liat. Not the prejudice part of her storyline, because I understand why it's there and why it was groundbreaking at the time and I appreciate that. I just think she is a totally undervalued character.


Today I have been doing well with my Weight Watchers points, but I am SO HUNGRY right now. A. is sick so I could probably make dinner now with no argument, but it seems so early.

When we got home from the store last night, I used my favorite thing - snack bags - and prepared portioned snacks for both my lunches and for around the house. This is something WW recommends and I never really gave much thought to until this past fall. It does make packing lunch easier... and prevents me from eating a whole bag of pretzels or chips. 24 pretzels a serving seems like a lot until you actually look at 24 pretzels.

Baby carrots and sliced peppers all bagged up and ready to go in my lunch!

This was an impulse buy at the store... better than impulse buying ice cream. 

Caramel drizzle rice cakes all bagged up...

And pretzels... You can see my new awesome food scale in the background : )

Tonight I'm going to try salsa chicken... a recipe I got from Living a Changed Life. And I think I'm going to start it now!

Peace out,

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